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Speak Up says thanks to Cobram students

The community-based Speak Up Campaign has thanked a group of Cobram students for their support.

It donated Speak Up hats to the students and has also given the group a Silver Membership of the water advocacy organisation.

Students from the Year 9/10 class at Cobram Anglican Grammar School participated in a ‘Beads by the River’ initiative in their Social Enterprise class, in which they produced hand-made lanyards and key rings.

These items were sold at a Social Enterprise market day and the students were able to donate proceeds to a cause of their choice. The Year 9/10 class decided to give their money to Speak Up so it could continue advocating on behalf of the region for more sensible water policy and management.

Speak Up Campaign secretary Sue Braybon attended Cobram Anglican Grammar School this month to present the hats and thank the students for their donation.

“It is important that our region’s young people understand the importance of sensible water management that effectively balances the needs of the environment and growing food,” Ms Braybon said.

“We all appreciate the need to deliver sufficient water for our precious environs, however Australia also must take responsibility for growing food that is required for domestic and international consumption.

“Our farmers in southern New South Wales and northern Victoria need sufficient water to grow this food. It is interesting that our young people are able to grasp this, but the concept is too difficult for many politicians who are more interested in securing votes than having a genuine desire to protect both the environment or food production,” Ms Braybon said.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Speak Up Campaign, so it can continue advocating on behalf of the southern NSW and northern Victoria regions, can find details on its website,

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