Basin Communities want a Basin Plan that provides for People, Production and Planet

Water and our community

Water provides jobs for our community.
We respect the power of water and want recognition for our part in caring for this valuable resource.

NSW Murray Valley farmers want to help with the drought crisis, but do not have an allocation despite considerable amounts of water in the storages.

Open Letter to All Australians

Speak Up Campaign Inc.

Sent 27th August, 2018

Book Project - Food for thought

This year Speak Up’s major project will be publishing a book compiled by our local budding authors. There will be five categories and great prizes.
Entrants need to choose one of the topics or combine the topics below to produce a short story, poem, prose or other written piece. The pieces will then be carefully chosen to be collated into a book of short stories to be published. All entrants will be invited to the book launch.

Our new blog for Country News is now live!

Food Grows Where Water Flows -
a new booklet produced by

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The history of water and its importance for food and fibre production in the Murray Valley NSW.

The Power of Water

"Where water flows food grows"

Water is a precious resource, our farmers are efficient and innovative users of water for productive and environmental needs.

Supporting Wildlife

Agricultural landscapes provide an excellent food source for our native wildlife.

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