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Learn from history to set future

Limited places are available for a conference which aims to generate national discussion about a holistic approach to the future management of the Murray Darling Basin.

The conference, at the end of February, will feature prominent academics, politicians, business leaders, Indigenous and rural stakeholders.

Wine maker and owner of De Bortoli Wines Darren De Bortoli says he is thrilled to be able to team up with Federation University to help co-ordinate the event which will be held at Tuileries Winery in Rutherglen.

“We had our concerns about COVID while organising the event, but I am pleased we went ahead with the program as we are in a much better place than when planning began.

“The two day event has something for everyone; I am really excited about the number of experts in their field who have agreed to present and have discussions over the two days,” Mr De Bortoli said.

He said the conference will include the examination of policies, environmental studies, communities and histories of the Murray Darling Basin and River systems. It aims to understand the Murray Darling Basin system from historical perspectives that align with the ecological and hydrological views.

“It is important to understand what has happened in the Murray Darling system over the past 170 years.

“The is no doubt the system has been impacted; climate is always changing and governance has changed. The recent crisis, variability and degradation are not new phenomena.

“It is hoped that through examining the river system and role of communities and regional development we can have some mature discussion about long-term socio-ecological strategies for the Murray Darling Basin,” Mr De Bortoli said.

The conference will run over February 24 and 25 at the Rutherglen Tuileries Winery, with an optional field trip planned on Friday February 26 at historical Beechworth.

For the full conference program email who is also accepting RSVP’s, which are due by February 16, 2021.

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