food production



As of May 2015 1956 GL had been returned to the environment from productive use through the Basin Plan.


1956 GL could produce


32.6 million tonnes of tomatoes, which is worth $3 billion to the farm gate


1.9 million tonnes of rice - based on farm price for medium grain rice in 2015 this equates to $759 million.


2.3 billion litres of milk - at an average of 53c per litre at the farm gate that is $1.2 billion


Work in Progress - need a speil - it is not linked to anything - need ideas ...
maybe some info on delicate eco system for water /plants/animals


This is a work in progress - need a speil on the effects on the community, school, hospitals etc.  It is not linked to anything so need ideas


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Speak Up was established by a group of passionate farmers and community members in the Southern Riverina. We aim to highlight the issues impacting Southern New South Wales and Northern Victoria.


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